Sofia Sanmartín


Sofia Sanmartín

Balms Galicia

C/ Reconquista 9, entresuelo
Vigo (Pontevedra)
T. + 34 986 443143
F. + 34 986 446023

Degree in Law and CC.EE. , with the specialty of Private Law, by ICADE-Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, with the qualification of Outstanding.

Lawyer in practice since 2012, having developed her professional career in companies of recognized national prestige, in the field of Company Law, in which she has intervened in restructuring, M&A, contracting, ERE’s and various corporate operations.

Extensive experience in civil, mercantile and labor business process law.

Sofia speaks Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


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Taxation Spain-Portugal

​That Portugal is a trendy country is an indisputable fact. The Portuguese country has an attraction based on relaxing tourism, good weather, endless beaches, golf courses, gastronomy with its own seal, as well as cities full of history and increasingly eclectic, such as Porto, Lisbon or Braga. The Portuguese, generally speak languages ​​fluently and have an affable character.

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COVID-19 and its impact on national and international contracting

The world as a whole is facing an unprecedented health crisis as a result of COVID-19, so that its repercussion on the economy will also have international effects. In this context, the Spanish businessman may ask himself what happens to those international contracts that they have signed and what law is applicable in their case.

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What do I have to know about ERTE?

Balms Abogados prepares a guide to resolve doubts about how temporary employment regulation files affect workers, SMEs and the self-employed. The coronavirus health crisis and the state of alarm have caused a flood of temporary employment regulation files (ERTE). A measure which means that hundreds of thousands of workers will join the unemployment lists while the COVID-19 pandemic lasts. But how does ERTE affect a worker? And a self-employed or a small business owner? The law firm Balms Abogados has prepared a guide to try to shed light on the doubts of many Spaniards regarding this employment regulation mechanism.

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