Sofia Sanmartín


Sofia Sanmartín

Balms Galicia

C/ Reconquista 9, entresuelo
Vigo (Pontevedra)
T. + 34 986 443143
F. + 34 986 446023

Degree in Law and CC.EE. , with the specialty of Private Law, by ICADE-Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, with the qualification of Outstanding.

Lawyer in practice since 2012, having developed her professional career in companies of recognized national prestige, in the field of Company Law, in which she has intervened in restructuring, M&A, contracting, ERE’s and various corporate operations.

Extensive experience in civil, mercantile and labor business process law.

Sofia speaks Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.


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What do I have to know about ERTE? Actualidad COVID-19

What do I have to know about ERTE?

Balms Abogados elabora una guía para resolver las dudas sobre cómo afectan los expedientes de regulación temporal de empleo a trabajadores, pymes y autónomos. La crisis sanitaria del coronavirus y el estado de alarma han provocado una catarata de expedientes de regulación temporales de empleo (ERTE). Una medida que supone que cientos de miles de trabajadores engrosarán las listas del paro mientras dure la pandemia del Covid-19. Pero, ¿cómo afecta el ERTE a un trabajador? ¿Y a un autónomo o a un pequeño empresario? El despacho Balms Abogados ha elaborado una guía para intentar arrojar luz sobre las dudas de muchos españoles en relación a este mecanismo de regulación del empleo:

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Tax compliance in the family business Actualidad Legal

Tax compliance in the family business

​The Spanish business fabric is built mainly on the basis of the family business. It is the business families, even through large companies, that have been weaving the spider web of our economy, with SMEs being the main typology in which we could frame them.

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Video surveillance and business rights Actualidad Legal

Video surveillance and business rights

​The issue of video surveillance in the company for the proper exercise of employer control has traditionally been a matter of controversy in the extensive labour jurisprudence.

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