Conference on Inheritance Law

This afternoon, the 22nd September, a conference on Inheritance Law will take place at the Marbella Delegation of Malaga Law School. The following three fundamental points will be highlighted during the conference:

Date 18/02/2012

1) General concepts: existing inheritance, the right of accretion, the right of representation, etc.
2) The division of inheritance: the declaration procedure of heirs.
3) Inheritance tax, with special mention to cases of non-residents with property in Spain.

At Balms Abogados, we understand that Inheritance Law is a fundamental part of Private Law, as it regulates the procedures ?mortis causa?, related legal procedures and the destination of property owned by someone when they die. We understand that the processing of an estate and the signing of a Declaration of Heirs is a complicated issue for our clients, principally for the emotional involvement it entails. It is for this reason that we always try to ensure that this process is quick, convenient and simple for our customers.

In our pursuit to improve our service and customer care, at Balms Abogados we have adopted a policy of continuous training, with the attendance of our staff at numerous courses, masters, conferences, seminars, etc., which help us to update and refresh any topic, an example of which being the conference referred to above.

Our colleagues, Amalia de la Hera, Lawyer with the extrajudicial department of Balms and Eva María Ortega, manager of Tramiuris, sister company to Balms Abogados will both attend.

Conference on Inheritance Law

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