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Balms Abogados was founded in 1989, with a clear international vocation and comprehensive customer service. Due to our efforts and the excellence of our legal services, we are now a leading firm because of the quality of our services and our established national and international presence. As an essential part of its business, the professionals of the Firm carry out educational activities in leading Universities and Business Schools in several countries.

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Legal services

At Balms Abogados we provide all of our clients with every legal service they may require, in every area of law, offering solutions to each of their problems.

Accounting, fiscal and taxation law

Balms Abogados provides its clients with a comprehensive consulting service, handling all the paperwork and helping in the accounting process of companies. Our team of experts and professionals will help to take the worry out of doing business.

Processing department

Balms Abogados has a specialized section dedicated exclusively to foreign formalities, managing documents and legal issues for our clients, so that operations outside their country of origin can be done in a simple and comfortable way.

Balms Group International - BGI

Think Globally, Win Locally

Balms Group International BGI
Balms Group International BGI

The Balms Group International philosophy and its sole purpose have been based, from the outset, on the international vocation of its partners and on the total belief in the need to extend boundaries, knowledge and ways of working in order to provide a broader and enhanced service to our clients. BGI has found the solution to the phenomenon of the diversity, inherent in the era of globalisation by integrating independent, medium-sized law firms in different jurisdictions and/or countries across five continents, all with a joint spirit and a common vocation.

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¿Otra vez a vueltas con la vivienda? Actualidad Legal ¿Otra vez a vueltas con la vivienda?

Pues parece ser que sí. Pasados ya para la mayoría unos días desde que nos sentamos en la mesa de la vuelta estival. Y aunque pueda hacerse un poco cuesta arriba, quiero hacer alguna reflexión sobre una norma que, aunque solo sea por las fechas elegidas, parece que el Gobierno haya querido que pasara lo mas desapercibida posible y sin hacer “ruido".

¿Qué es el derecho deportivo? Actualidad Legal ¿Qué es el derecho deportivo?

A pesar de haber realizado ya varios artículos relacionados con el derecho deportivo, son muchos los que me preguntáis aun sobre qué es eso del derecho deportivo. Pues bien, podríamos definir Derecho Deportivo como el conjunto de normas jurídicas de derecho público, privado y social que regulan la conducta del hombre con relación a la organización y práctica del deporte, así como los sujetos que se le vinculan – estructura y organización – y que, además, dan origen y fijan el alcance y contenido de las relaciones jurídico-deportivas que surgen entre las personas en sociedad.

Balms Abogados,
30 Years of success

Balms Abogados is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary on a positive note thanks to the full commitment of our team and the absolute confidence of our clients. We fully expect to celebrate another thirty years of success together.

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Balms Foundation for Children

The Balms Foundation for Children is a non profit organization dedicated to provide financial aid and assistance to children in the world. Our high-priority objective is to promote the development of activities for the protection of children's rights, in terms of the "Convention on the Rights of the Child" signed by the United Nations at the Hague in 1993, and especially the right of: "growing up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, affection, security and child-specific bases, love and understanding, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality" (Convention of the Boy's Rights, UN, November 20 1989).

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