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En Balms Abogados sabemos que cada cliente es distinto y cada problema también, por ello ofrecemos un servicio personalizado y enfocado a cada uno de nuestros clientes a fin de solucionar cada uno de sus problemas en las distintas áreas del derecho. Nuestro objetivo es satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes, aplicando para ello un profundo conocimiento de la ley, una basta experiencia y principalmente un enorme sentido común. Muchos de los asuntos de los clientes derivan o necesitan de servicios complementarios. Balms Abogados con la idea de solucionar los asuntos de los clientes de la mejor manera y lo antes posible cuenta con una serie de departamentos que ofrecen esos servicios adicionales, como con equipo especializado en materia tributaria, fiscal y laboral, un departamento de administración de sociedades, una asesoría laboral, un departamento de tramitación y otro enfocado a la tramitación de todo tipo de nacionalidades y residencias.

Base clause and Cost of formalization of Mortgages

They are abusive clauses as they have been imposed unilaterally, have not been negotiated individually and have not reported their consequences to the client.

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Claims to financial institutions

The unfair terms of mortgages can be defined as those that tilt the balance in favor of the bank and against the client disproportionately

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On the 5th of October 2018, the Supreme Court established as legal doctrine that the public maternity benefits received from the Social Security are exempt from the Personal Income Tax.

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Sports Law is the set of legal norms of public, private and social law that regulate the conduct of man in relation to the organisation and practice of sport, as well as the subjects that are linked to it - structure and organisation - and which, in addition, give rise to and determine the scope and content of the legal-sports relations that arise between people in society.

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The Supreme Court confirms the nullity of the user interests of the revolving cards. These types of cards are initially very attractive because they allow a credit or deferred payment of purchases or cash provisions to be arranged quickly and easily.

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According to the Law 14/2013, of 27 September, to support entrepreneurs and their internationalisation, British nationals who make a significant investment in Spain can benefit from the residence regime for investors.

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