Estefanía García

Tramitación y gestoría

Estefanía García

Balms Marbella

C/ Generalife, 9 - Aloha Pueblo Nueva Andalucía
Marbella (Málaga)
T. +34 952 812 100
F. +34 952 812 767

Since she started working in the Processing and Administration Department in 2010, Estefania has been in charge of drafting the sales information, direct payment of utility bills, Municipal Tax payments and other administration related aspects.

After graduating high school in Marbella, she attended University of Malaga, where she graduated with a B.A in Special Education.


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Elimination of the obligation to apostille documents Actualidad Legal

Elimination of the obligation to apostille documents

The European Parliament and the Council approved regulation 1191/2016, which entered into force on the 16th of February, 2019. It establishes that administrations cannot demand the apostille in public documents issued in another State of the European Union, in order to maintain an area of freedom, security and justice, without internal borders in which the free movement of people is guaranteed and for this the free circulation of public documents that facilitate this objective.

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BGI Spain - Municipal capital gains. Exemption from them Actualidad Legal

BGI Spain - Municipal capital gains. Exemption from them

We can define a municipal capital gains as the benefit obtained as a result of a positive difference between the price at which a good was purchased and the price of its sale in an operation or economic transaction.

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