With the aim of helping clients with their administrative procedures, Balms Abogados created a processing department, Tramiuris, which carries out all kinds of formalities at every level of public administration and in different public and private entities.

The areas of expertise materialise in the commercial, accounting, fiscal, immigration, employment and vehicle sectors.

Among the services on offer, we place emphasis on the following:

  • Land Registry
  • Civil Registry
  • Procurement of supplies
  • The obtaining of NIEs and Spanish residence permits
  • Local government
  • Transport: changes of ownership, temporary de-registrations and de-registering of written-off vehicles, vehicle registration, payment of taxes and fines, registry certificates and nota simples, etc.
  • Publications
  • Legalisation of documents
  • Comprehensive processing of title deeds
  • Brand registration
  • The handling of building, first occupation and premises opening licences, etc.
Our specialists

Eva María Ortega

Balms Marbella

After completing her studies/ Professional Training, she continued studying with courses in Tax, excise duty (Inheritance and Donations of non-residents), amongst others, and specializes in Foreign Law/ Immigration, with a Masters in Foreign Law from the Instituto de Economía y Empresa de Madrid (Isde)...

Luz Domínguez

Balms Marbella

Managing Secretary from 2003 to 2006, I worked as managing secretary at Balms Abogados, undertaking all types of tasks corresponding with this job, such as report writing, contract translations, personalized attention to our clients, taking calls, managing the calendars of the partners, records management, and so on...

Estefanía García

Balms Marbella

​Since she started working in the Processing and Administration Department in 2010, Estefania has been in charge of drafting the sales information, direct payment of utility bills, Municipal Tax payments and other administration related aspects...

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