Globalization has made the change of place of residence, for work, social or family reasons more and more common. To manage this type of procedure, specialized professionals are required to help and advise them. Tramiuris, taking into account the characteristics of each case, carries out a detailed study based on the provisions of Organic Law 4/2011, of January 11, on the Right and Freedoms of Foreigners in Spain and their integration, always choosing the procedure that is more convenient for the customer.

Among the services it offers are:

  • Obtaining the NIE (Foreigners Identification Number). The NIE is necessary for a large number of operations such as buying a home, obtaining a business permit, opening a bank account, etc.
  • Residence permits. Among them:
    • Non-Profit Residence, indicated for the non-EU citizen who wishes to remain in Spain legally without carrying out any work activity.
    • Residence for others, indicated for foreigners who are going to carry out a job in a company included in the catalog of occupations of difficult coverage.
    • Self-employment residence, indicated for non-EU citizens who wish to remain in Spain legally performing a lucrative activity on their own.
    • Authorization for Studies, indicated for students who wish to stay in Spain for a period of more than 90 days to carry out or extend their studies.
    • Residence for Investment (Golden Visa) indicated for those investors who make a significant investment in Spain. In this way, international mobility of professionals and managers is favored and investment is attracted.
    • Residence by Arraigo, indicated for foreign citizens who have resided in Spain for 3 years before requesting their residence.
    • Residence by Regrouping, indicated for the relatives of a foreigner already resident.
    • Procedures for renovation and modification of residences.
  • Residence Certificates for citizens of the European Union.
  • Processing of Spanish nationality, by residence, by option, for minors, for Sephardim, for marriage, etc.
  • Appeals against expulsion orders.
  • Certificates of Tax Residence in Spain.
Our specialists

Luz Domínguez

Managing Secretary from 2003 to 2006, I worked as managing secretary at Balms Abogados, undertaking all types of tasks corresponding with this job, such as report writing, contract translations, personalized attention to our clients, taking calls, managing the calendars of the partners, records management, and so on...

Estefanía García

​Since she started working in the Processing and Administration Department in 2010, Estefania has been in charge of drafting the sales information, direct payment of utility bills, Municipal Tax payments and other administration related aspects...

Jasmin Eschtehardi

​With a Degree in Law from San Pablo University in Madrid, being fully dedicated to the profession, especially in Private Law, specialising in Immigration Law, Urban Planning and Real Estate.

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