In order to provide our clients with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary service, Balms Abogados has a fiscal, accounting and taxation advice department for all clients, whether they are individuals or legal entities, residents or non-residents, helping them in their daily organisational tasks and assisting them with tax filing, book-keeping and administrative management, complemented by fiscal and taxation guidance.>

The accounting services offered include the daily management and supervision of accounts, ledger entries, balances and income statements.

In order to optimise the tax status of clients and because we understand that, at both a personal and business level, an up to date knowledge of the current legislation on taxation issues is essential, Balms Abogados has tax advisors who study the new tax optimisation possibilities for different clients in various situations.

Among the services on offer, we place emphasis on the following:

  • Fiscal and accounting advice for individuals and legal entities
  • Fiscal and accounting advice for companies
  • Representation of foreign entities in Spain
  • Tax returns for individuals and legal entities
  • Corporate and Value Added Tax
  • Retention models
  • Income and asset statements of non-resident individuals
  • Fiscal planning for companies and individuals
  • Corporate restructuring advice
  • Real estate taxation
  • Inheritance planning advice
  • Appeals and negotiations with HM Revenue & Customs (formally the Inland Revenue)
  • Preparation and legalisation of accounting records and annual financial statements
  • Proceedings with banks, notaries, land and mercantile registries and other public bodies.
Our specialists

Noelia Sánchez

Balms Marbella

Accounting and tax adviser since 2002 with extensive experience in asset holding companies...

Inmaculada Rodríguez

Balms Marbella

Professional training in Administration and Finance. Inma has worked at Balms Abogados as a Tax and Accounting Advisor for businesses since 2006. She specializes in account-keeping and taxes both in regards to businesses as well as independent professionals...

Rafael Guerrero

Balms Marbella

Degree in Business Administration and Management from the U.N.E.D. Accountant and tax consultant with more than 13 years of experience in accounting and finance of the companies.

Rodrigo Pérez

Balms Marbella

I am currently part of the Balms Abogados team, providing tax and accounting advice to both individuals and companies. Previously I have worked giving tax advice in different offices nationally and abroad...

Vladyslav Shcherbatyuk

Balms Marbella

Started working with Balms Abogados in 2015 carrying out the following functions: accounting, tax and administrative advice to both companies and individuals. After completing his studies at the IES institute “Emilio Prados”, he graduated in Finance and Accounting...

Carlos Badiola

Balms Marbella

Currently completing his dissertation project to graduate with a bachelors in Law at the Universidad Católica de Ávila. Since 2014, Carlos has formed part of the team of tax and accounting assessors of the Balms Abogados Group, attending to the representational and advisory needs of clients and the compilation of taxes for non-resident persons of Spain.

Antonio Cintrano

Balms Marbella

Graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management and Administration from the Universidad de Málaga. Accounting and Tax Advisor with more than 11 years of experience in business accounting and finance. Since 2003, he has formed part of the team of accounting and tax advisors at the Balms Abogados group, attending to the internal accounting of the group...

Pablo Martín Losa

Balms Madrid

Ana Isabel Regades

Balms Galicia

Graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Management from the Universidad de Vigo in 2010, specializing in business management and organization. She studied for one semester at Oslo University...

Ana Sánchez

Balms Galicia

Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the University of Vigo in 2013, with a specialization in management and organization of companies. With a Master's Degree in Tax Consulting and Taxation with double degree issued by the Distance University of Madrid and the Center of Professional Initiatives.

Isabel Coca Moreno

Balms Marbella

​Degree in Business Administration and Management by E.T.E.A. University Institution of the Company of Jesus, University of Córdoba. Master in Fiscal Advice at EADE and University Expert in Accounting and Auditing at the UMA.

Leopoldo Martínez Torres

Balms Marbella

Graduated in Law by the University of Granada in the year 2012, he has a Professional Master in Tax and Tax Advice given by Master Fiscal Granada, finishing his studies in 2013.

María de la Torre Arévalo

Balms Marbella

Degree in economics from the University of Málaga. After completing his studies, he practices at Málaga City Hall. He continues his training by doing different courses such as Business Creation and Customer Service and Communication Strategies Course at the Business School.

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