Balms Abogados represents its clients (individuals as well as legal entities) who are involved in an issue of a criminal nature; whether they have been charged of an alleged crime or if they have been, or could become, victim to one. We cover all types of crimes against individuals, assets, the environment and the market and consumers.

The interrelationship between the fiscal department and the legal department helps achieve the best solution to any kind of dispute concerning frauds, scams and corporate crimes.

The main areas of practice within the department are:

  • Property offences (burglaries and thefts)
  • Scams and misappropriations
  • Forgery
  • Traffic safety and alcoholism offences
  • Traffic accidents
  • Juvenile court procedures
  • Domestic abuse and violence
  • Reports and complaints
  • Family abandonment, unpaid pensions, etc.
Our specialists

Carla Costas

Balms Galicia

Practising lawyer since 2009. with experience in public and private law and specialized in procedural law. With experience in matters of civil liability, Criminal and Family law...

Oscar Castañón Bayón

Balms Madrid

Degree in Law. At present, the main area of work is Canon Law, and Family.

Francisco Lorenzo Martínez

Balms Marbella

Lawyer in practice since 1996 with extensive experience in the area of general Procedural Law. Specialized in Criminal Law, Family Law and International Law. Member number 3.880 of the Illustrious Bar Association of Malaga...

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