Balms Abogados offers the service of adaptation of companies and freelancers to Data Protection (LOPD). Through the analysis of the client's activity and work dynamics, it determines the level of compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection and other applicable regulations and will adapt its activity to the legal precepts, complying with the established obligations.

It also offers the annual data protection maintenance service, making and reviewing all modifications and new situations that may occur in relation to data protection.

The main practice areas of the department are:

  • Notification of the files before the General Registry of the Data Protection Agency
  • Adaptation of the activity of the company to the established regulations
  • Drafting of data protection clauses for printed matter and forms
  • Drafting of security documents
  • Modification in registered files
  • Registration in new files
  • Deletion of registered files
  • Modifications to the Security Document
  • Data Protection Audits
  • Training for company personnel in the matter
  • Drafting of resources
  • Formulation of allegations
  • Advice before inspections of the Data Protection Agency

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